Welcome To My Mind

Bienvenido’s Mind Entertainment is a Television and Film production company that focuses on the development and production of television series, feature films, short films, documentaries, documentary shorts, and web series

Our Mission

To tell stories of all kinds that will impact society and allow them to think about the issues at hand through the form of Television and Film”.

I only have one true employer and that’s the audience. The audience dictates whether I have a career in television and film so in that sense I’m always trying to please my bosses to the highest degree

- Devin Bienvenido

What We Do

Bienvenido’s Mind Entertainment focuses on producing television and film with the purpose of bringing it to an audience that will crave its eccentric kind of entertainment whether through the form of television series, feature films, web series, short films, documentaries and another form of visual entertainment that audiences crave for.

Our History

Created in 2023 by Devin Bienvenido at 24 years old out of his obsessive love for Television and Film, Bienvenido’s Mind Entertainment was founded to bring unique film and television projects to the world for audiences to see and experience an exciting new form of storytelling..


From the west Bronx, Devin Bienvenido developed his love for television at a very young age as he would sit in front of the tv screen and watch up to 60 hours of television a week in love with the fascination of being transported into a new world and being able to tell stories in the kind of visual beauty he saw on screen. The same effect happened years later during the covid pandemic as he fell in love with movies and soon then decided he was going to share his own with the world through the same medium that inspired him to dream. Every project with the Bienvenido’s Mind Entertainment stamp shares the same passion and emotion that Devin has for the medium of Television and Film as his goal is to bring those stories never seen before to an audience not only entertaining them but also teaching them as well.